Tokyo Art Navigation

I have been featured as this week's artist at Tokyo Art Navigation.

The below is the artist introduction by Editorial Department of Tokyo Art Navigation.  I translated it by myself.

We would like to introduce Kikuko Sakota this week.

Colors, colors, colors, rapid streams of colors, spreading all over the picture planes.  Her works are quite impressive with vivid colors such as rose pink, royal blue, lemon yellow and others.  The motives depicted with acrylics and pastels are not representative but the “color” itself in which the painter give her images and impressions.  Her style looks very attractive based on the strong painting method of abstract expressionism with feminine, rich, and delicate aesthetic sense. 
At the first glance her works were painted spontaneously and freely, however, overall, her works are carefully composed with the consideration to the color, form and brushstroke deployment resulting in lively vibration and harmony.  Viewers will receive positive powers from her paintings, surrounded by rhythm and harmony of colors.  Her works give us joy of looking at paintings and make us feel the basics of luxuriance of paintings.  We hope she will share with us the wonderful world of colors.  (Editorial Department, Tokyo Art Navigation)

The link of Tokyo Art Navigation is below.