Today Is A Gift

Occasionally I am inspired by lines of lyrics or poems. One day suddenly one line hit upon me. “Today is a gift” Later on I learned that this is one line of the poem of one American poet and also I heard one American president or his wife referred to this sentence.

While cleaning and organizing at home, I found a very old notebook and saw one message from a teacher of my elementary school. It said, “Today never comes back.”

I tend to indulge myself in daily routine and humdrum. At home I am an oldest and nobody scolds me anymore. The comment of my teacher is a stimulant for self-indulgent person like me.

The painting below is tilted as Today Is A Gift, Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas, 52”x64”, 2019, ©Kikuko Sakota Art

today is a gift.jpg

Thanks to all

My solo show ended on July 14. I would like to thank Ms. Higuchi, gallery owner, and staff for having my show and audience for coming all the way during the rainy season to view my work. Many thanks to all!!


Kikuko Sakota Solo Show

My solo show will be held at Y Art Gallery, Osaka from July 9 to July 14.

The gallery is open from 11:00 to 19:00. (The first day starts at 13:00 and the last day ends at 17:00)

Please join us when you are at it.

IMG_1566 (002).jpg

Row Row Row Your Boat

♫ Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. ♫ (Cited from Youtube). This is one of favorite children’s songs that I used to sing. Now I realize that “life is but a dream sounds harsh to me.

My boat is floating down the stream, smoothly, but occasionally it is involved in the rough streams, and almost upturned. Sometimes I want to stop rowing but my boat is drifting to unexpected direction.

The painting below is titled,”Stream”, 24”x29”, Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 2019©Kikuko Sakota Art


Bohemian Rhapsody

Today I watched the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, which is Queen-music packed movie.

The lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody goes,”Mama, I killed the man…” I just recall one interpretation is that Freddy discovered his bi-sexuality and said good-bye to old himself. But after the movie, another interpretation came upon myself. It is not a sad song to say good bye to his parents as a good boy but a sort of happy song where a new man is born.

If I am to apply this idea to my philosophy “Every day is a new day. We can be born again”.

I am in the long journey of my life and also in a journey of painter. It does not just improve my skill, not just show more paintings, but it is the journey to discover myself.

The following is titled as Dreaming “13”x18”, Acrylic and absorbent on canvas, 2019 ©Kikuko Sakota Art


Reviewing the Last Show and Next Step

I have been preparing for the next show this year. I want to try something different from the last time. There is always something to be improved. Different themes, different techniques, etc.

Below is the video of the last show. It’s important to look back at the past to try something new and move forward.

2019 Happy New Year

I am grateful for new encounters, experience, and opportunities in 2018. I also realize small but happiness in daily life, which I should not take it for granted.

The painting below is tilted Just Another Day, Acrylic and oil stick on canvas, 24”x29”, 2019, ©Kikuko Sakota Art

just another day.jpg


Just 2 years ago, I attended a textile workshop.  I used collage, stamp, and drawing by oil sticks on paper and which were printed on clothes like this.  I have been still keeping it in my room and now I am looking forward to making my bag.


Gallery Gora

Gallery Gora, Montreal, Canada, has been showing my work from time to time since 2006 when I  had a solo show there.  If you have a chance to visit Montreal, please visit Gallery Gora.

The below are the enlarged image of my work displayed, Butterfly, Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 64"x52" 2006, ©Kikuko Sakota Art, the image of the gallery in 2017, and the gallery catalog.


Many Thanks

I would like to thank Noho M55 Gallery for making possible my show and  many people for viewing my work.  Also the art-packed NY stay has made me realized  the peace  of daily life at home has allowed me to paint.  Many thanks.

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Firstly I would like to express deepest condolences for the victims by the storm in western Japan.

The recent theme for paintings of mine is time and space.  Especially I have focused on time.  While staying in this moment, my mind goes back and forth; travel to the past or future.  I hold yearning hearts to the past, someone who left me, or some place I left.  Also music creates flows of melody, which our heart and mind get along with.  Hope you will enjoy this theme in my paintings in the coming show.

The painting below is titled Blue, which I was inspired by the immature death of a Japanese singer, who were active 1970's.  I was too young to appreciate his performance but Now I learned how passionately and lyrically he sang at that time. 


Acrylic and pastel on canvas. 29"x36", 2018 ©Kikuko Sakota Art.

Full of Love

While painting at home, sometimes I try to organize what mother left.

In drawers, boxes, closets, I have found her memories.  Paper, paints, brushes, and inkstick, small cloths for patchwork, a small sewing machine, textbooks for calligraphy, her art work of paintings, and calligraphy, notebooks of flower arrangement and cooking, dresses, cushions, and even kimonos that she made, etc.

She liked to design and sew my clothes, and one of them had very unique shape sleeves, which looked like wings of butterflies.  While she was satisfied with its design, I did not like it because it stood out too match.

She loved art and her family.  And I am sure she has really enjoyed expressing love in her life.

The painting below is titled, "Full of Love", Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 6"x9", 2018, Kikuko Sakta Art

Fill in with Love.jpg


Since' the end of 2017, I had been involved with various activities and distracted. Also I'd come to get tired easily.  To improve this, I started to do some stretch or yoga before going to bed.  It seems to have worked.

A solo show is scheduled in the middle of this summer, so now is the time to concentrate more on painting.  The work below describes a little confusion of the  recent state of my mind.

Murky Moon, Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 13"x18", 2018,©Kikuko Sakota Art

Murky Moon.jpg

Sunny Day, Today

It is joyful to paint following my heart.  I apply paints wherever they seem to need.   I paint as if I could see what I cannot see physically or visually.

I am always peaceful whatever I paint regardless of what it looks.

Yet occasionally I am distracted; or my mind goes very far trying to reach out those who are suffering. I try to push away images of accidents, illness, conflicts,etc.  I try to justify myself to continue painting, saying to myself there is nothing I can do for them.  Because it's such a sunny day.

The painting below is titled Sunny Day, Today, Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 13"x18",2017

sunny day today 2.jpg

Solo Show

My solo show was held at Art Imagine Gallery from June 22 to June 27.  Yoshida san thank you very much for direction.   Here are images of the show.  

Artist Talk

Like other 14 artists, I was provided the opportunity of artist talk in POU exhibition, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art in March 2017.

I created the time space with the theme of Jazz, of which rhythm, melody, and code varies are often improvised.  Its tunes are synchromized with our mandane sorrow, melancholy, joy, dullness,etc.  My attempt was to create sound of Jazz with use of magenta, dark blue, and green rather than primary colors and various brush strokes.

I wanted to re-create the time as if it were passing like landscape going backward, while one is sitting on the train and looking out of the window. While on the train it is the perosn who is moving to the destination, however, the landscape looks moving backword.  

While I am in the time space, time is passing with no exception.  And I often realize no same time will come back.  Nothing remains the same and everything is changing.

POU Exhibition

POU Exhibition was held at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art from March 24 to 26.  Thank you for coming and viewing our work. 

Here is the photo of my booth.  My attempt was to create time space.