Time is passing whatever I do. 

Sitting in the train, and looking out of the window, I can watch the scenery flying backward, which makes me feel time going by.

In the flow of time, my mind is going back and forth: from the past to the present, from the present to the future, etc.

The recent attempt is to create time space, especially music.

I picked jazz.

Sipping a cup of coffee in the café; meanwhile, I noticed jazz in the background.

Jazz consists of melody variation and minor tunes, which tends to fuse into the environment.  It does not exhilarate me but synchronizes almost all feelings of mine: melancholy, dullness, and happiness.

I depicted rhythm, melody, code progress, and harmony, which are often improvised,  by hues, values, thickness of paints, and brush strokes.  Overlaps of paint layers shows sounds of instruments, and pastel and brush strokes accentuates overall tones.  Time space shows various phases:tranquility, conflicts, power, lights, harmony,etc. 

My challenge goes on.