Inspiration: Green Green Green

My mother passed away on May 6.  I had been taking care of her since last November and time has passed so quickly.  Now I miss her a lot.  

I thought that taking care of a parent was so tough, but I enjoyed spending time with her.  We celebrated New Year, her birthday, snowing, gardening, cherry blossom viewing, cooking, and so on.  I had not lived with her for so long so spending time with her was one of the precious memories of mine in my life.  

She had been strong and never cried, so I had been even encouraged and empowered by her.  I don't think I can be strong like her all the time.

She lived naturally and was gone peacefully just like cherry blossoms going.  But just like after cherry blossoms, there were a lot of greens around at the time she left.  As if she was telling us that she would be with us all the time.  I believe green is the symbol of life.  Even though she left from this planet, I choose to believe her spirit or life will be forever.

I painted the painting below, inspired by my beloved mom.  She was also an artist.  I dedicate this work to my mom.

Title: Green Green Green, Acrylic and pastel on paper, 13"x18", Kikuko Sakota, May 22, 2014.