Artist Talk

Like other 14 artists, I was provided the opportunity of artist talk in POU exhibition, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art in March 2017.

I created the time space with the theme of Jazz, of which rhythm, melody, and code varies are often improvised.  Its tunes are synchromized with our mandane sorrow, melancholy, joy, dullness,etc.  My attempt was to create sound of Jazz with use of magenta, dark blue, and green rather than primary colors and various brush strokes.

I wanted to re-create the time as if it were passing like landscape going backward, while one is sitting on the train and looking out of the window. While on the train it is the perosn who is moving to the destination, however, the landscape looks moving backword.  

While I am in the time space, time is passing with no exception.  And I often realize no same time will come back.  Nothing remains the same and everything is changing.