Birthday Party

I joined the birthday party of my mentor, long-term friend, Ichay Ueda in Osaka Mariot Miyako Hotel.  There were many encounters of great persons, good friends in my life, all of which have broaden my mental horizon.  Ichay Ueda is no exception.

He gave me the opportunity to learn how to express myself especially verbally in English.  At that time I was a quiet girl staying at home reading novels and painting.

The photo below is Mr. Ueda,(leftmost), I, Emi,, whom I studied together, Harumi (wife of Ueda), Hiro, also a good study friend.

I recalled good old days and renew my resolutions to remember the very first day I start to learn, which idea can be applicable to various aspects and I believe it works: very first day I started to work, very first day I started to paint, very first day I had a show.....I should not take everything for granted.

Anyway I had a good day!! Thanks, Ichey, Emi, Harumi, and Hiro!!