Hectic Holiday in N.Y.

I stayed in N.Y. at the end of March, keeping busy; visiting galleries in Chealsea, SOHO, and LES,  museums, joining the opening of the group show, shopping.... 

I visited N.Y.for the first time in 10 years so it took time to locate the destinations and even I took wrong subways many times. 

Anyway I enjoyed a lot.  I saw very unique art works in galleries, which showed me next moves for my art works.  I also enoyed delis in N.Y. , N.Y. UNIQLO with totally different products, which are Kabuki T shirts, (I don't think we have that ones in Japan)  In MOMA I watched a new film of Bjork's.  The photo below is the one allowed for visitors to shoot.  (not a new film)