One of Thousand Suns

Once I painted the sun and stars.  Before I had the first biggest show, which was two person show with my former teacher, I was racking my brain to paint the largest canvas I ever tried.  While walking around my neighborhood, I saw the bookstore that I never noticed before. I stepped inside. 

 I came across a paperback.  Grapefruit Juice by Yoko Ono. 

I knew about her but I didn't know she wrote poems.  (I should have known better.)

More than ten years have passed.  I 've come back home.  While I was taking out books from the cardboard box to put them into shelves, my eyes were riveted on the title, Grapefruit Juice.   I just recalled the magnitude I was dumbfounded by her imperative and imaginative words.

Imagine one thousand suns in the sky at the same time.  

Let them shine for one hour.

(p.119, Grapefruit Juice, Kodansha, 1998)

The painting below is titled "One of Thousand Suns", Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 18"x21".  One thousand suns are too heavy for me to paint.  I just can try one of them and hope I paint one thousand in my lifetime.