Heart: Memories

One month has passed since my mom was gone.  Our relations were not always good, but what I can remember are good memories.

I grew up in the suburb in Tokyo, and I used to play the small toy electric piano in the small house.  One day my mom bought me a very good piano and I started to have piano lessons.  She had save money for that.  I just can remember what she said, " I don't expect you to be a pianist, but I want to give you 'aesthetic sense'".  I didn't know that word, but now I understand that she wanted me to love art.

When I was four years old, my mom took me to her hometown, Himeji, her home is near the beach.  She took me to the beach.  That was the first time I saw the sea.  We gather shellfish, and my mom taught me their manes, picking them up one by one, spiral shell, pink-colored shell...  I saw a crab crawling on the sand.  I was too young to appreciate the beauty of nature, but what I saw was the natural uniqueness of creatures.

In March, two months before she passed away, we sowed seeds of a herb.  Now they have grown into vivid green leaves.  I put them into the soup of three of us, I and younger brothers.  

She had guided me where I am, to love art and nature.  The painting below is titled "Heart", it's about my memories of my mother.  Acrylic and pastel on paper, 8.5"x11.5"