Borders: Mail Art Exhibition

I am going to join a mail art exhibition : Borders, in Strasbourg, France.  I made works very casually.  The theme is given as "borders".  It all depends on how artists interpret it.

In the beginning, I tried to depict, "love and hate".  I just recalled the lyrics going, "there's a thin line between love and hate".  But this is not my thing.  I often give my thought to time and space. 

So I chose the title, "Past and Future".  I am often advised to live in this moment, because I tend to fret about the future.  If you worry too much about the future, you cannot enjoy "now".  If you just think too much, the present moment becomes meaningless "past."  I should learn to live in this moment.

I used watercolor, pencil and paper.

Past and future 1.jpg
Past and Future 2.jpg