Firstly I would like to express deepest condolences for the victims by the storm in western Japan.

The recent theme for paintings of mine is time and space.  Especially I have focused on time.  While staying in this moment, my mind goes back and forth; travel to the past or future.  I hold yearning hearts to the past, someone who left me, or some place I left.  Also music creates flows of melody, which our heart and mind get along with.  Hope you will enjoy this theme in my paintings in the coming show.

The painting below is titled Blue, which I was inspired by the immature death of a Japanese singer, who were active 1970's.  I was too young to appreciate his performance but Now I learned how passionately and lyrically he sang at that time. 


Acrylic and pastel on canvas. 29"x36", 2018 ©Kikuko Sakota Art.