Full of Love

While painting at home, sometimes I try to organize what mother left.

In drawers, boxes, closets, I have found her memories.  Paper, paints, brushes, and inkstick, small cloths for patchwork, a small sewing machine, textbooks for calligraphy, her art work of paintings, and calligraphy, notebooks of flower arrangement and cooking, dresses, cushions, and even kimonos that she made, etc.

She liked to design and sew my clothes, and one of them had very unique shape sleeves, which looked like wings of butterflies.  While she was satisfied with its design, I did not like it because it stood out too match.

She loved art and her family.  And I am sure she has really enjoyed expressing love in her life.

The painting below is titled, "Full of Love", Acrylic and pastel on canvas, 6"x9", 2018, Kikuko Sakta Art

Fill in with Love.jpg