I attend a yoga class every week.  I used to take a jazz dance but I haven't located it  since I came back to Himeji.  So instead of jazz dance, I take a yoga class for exercise.

20 years ago I also tried yoga because I heard (if my memory is right) Johannes Itten, Bauhous, once advocated to practice yoga for art, especially for developing sense of colors.  I forget about it for a long time.

I feel fine when I stretch myself and rotate joints, neck, muscles.  While doing so, I feel warmer and I can feel my tight and tense muscles and joints become flexible.  Also I feel calm as if I released pent-up frustration and stress.  It is good stress management.

I think I'd better relax when I work and paint.  The drawing below is titled Past and Future, Gouache and pencil on paper, 4"x6", 2014, ©Kikuko Sakota Art