Christmas tree

I went to Kyoto on business.  As soon as I arrived at the station, I recalled my young days.   I went to the university in Kyoto where I majored in English literature.  At that time, I wanted to be a writer or an artist.  But I was too immature to offer or present any works, or even came up with no ideas.  So one day I decided to be an interpreter to meet different people as far as possible to acquire knowlege, which I belived, would give me insights for artistic creation.

On this day, I was supposed to interpret about plant genetic resources, which sounds tough but the agriculture is the very first subject I worked on as an interpreter a long time ago.  Yet the more I'm into any art, the more I find difficult.   A week of cramming helped me little.   As a language specialist still I feel myself immature, which, I guess, shows in my paintings.